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You can save money by purchasing 13 leases for $650.00 

Select all 13 beats for the discount to apply

If you purchase the $650.00 offer you get an ecommerce store made for you so that you can make your investment back and then some. This is perfect for artists that have merchandise or plan to have, and sell their own merchandise.  

M.Banks Music

We create instrumentals, for recording artists, TV, and film. We also produce music, for artists by having live studio sessions both in person and/or virtually to craft songs, and assist with the sole goal of making each track the best it can possibly be.

We create music for film, tv, radio and recording artists that moves the needle. We pride ourselves on providing quality for every individual person, or business that we work with. when it comes to films we strive in a similar way providing music that assists in telling the story of the film. We believe that if a person were to close their eyes, they should be able to feel what is going on in a particular scene, as if they were there.

We continue to pride ourselves on working with music supervisors, directors, and producers to achieve the best possible outcome for the film. This holds true for television, the big screen, podcasts and all other forms of media that we are privileged to work on. Through our marketing agency we offer Music marketing, email marketing, copywriting, web design, social media marketing, social media management, SMS marketing, and more. 

Some of The People, Brands and Companies we've worked with

Services We Offer


Custom Instrumentals

Website Creation


Email Marketing

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Management

SMS Marketing

Lead Generation

Music Marketing

Email Blasting

Business Consulting

Our agency would love to assist you with your specific needs. Simply contact us by clicking the "Contact Me Now" Button To talk with us, schedule a meeting, chat, or attend a session.

We will answer you in 24 hours or less. If you are unable to reach us, please schedule a meeting so that we can be of more help to your needs.